Month: <span>April 2011</span>

Scrubbed! Space Shuttle Launch Delayed at Least Three Days Due to Electrical Failure

Second-to-last shuttle flight has some glitches.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER—The shuttle Endeavour suffered a minor but potentially troublesome electrical failure that delayed its launch from Friday to Monday at the earliest. Technicians won’t know for sure until they drain the external fuel tank and get access to the errant unit, a process that will take 24 hours. By Sunday noontime, NASA officials […]

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NASA’s shuttle program counts down ’til the end

An excited yet wistful space reporter gets ready for the second-to-last shuttle launch.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER—If I’d jumped, I could have touched the belly of the Discovery. Of course, I would have then been escorted unceremoniously from the Orbiter Processing Facility. But I was that close. What a strange mix of thrill and melancholy it was to see those heat-shield tiles, the swoop of the delta wing, and […]

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