Month: <span>June 2010</span>

Faster-Than-Light Electric Currents Could Explain Pulsars

Contrary to popular belief, electric pulses can outrace light—as long as they're not a causal process.

Claiming that something can move faster than light is a good conversation-stopper in physics. People edge away from you in cocktail parties; friends never return phone calls. You just don’t mess with Albert Einstein. So when I saw a press conference at the American Astronomical Society meeting this past January on faster-than-light phenomena in the […]

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Deep in Thought: What Is a “Law of Physics,” Anyway?

Physicists and philosophers struggle with the most basic of questions.

WATERLOO, Ontario—One thing that’s both disconcerting and exhilarating about physics is how many seemingly simple questions remain unanswered. When you hear the questions that physicists struggle with, you sometimes say to yourself, Wait, you mean they don’t even know that? Physics might be defined as the subject that tries to figure out why the world […]

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